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Dinghy Cruiser Skateboard

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The Landyachtz Dinghy cruiser board is a performance beast with high-quality parts that will help you to bring your A-game. It's perfect for cruising through the city crowds while doing agile surfing maneuvers. The deck on this cruiser board setup features a kicktail. Kicktails are essential for many technical maneuvers.

By buying a complete board, you get great value for your money. On top of that, you don't even have to assemble the board before you can have your first session.

  • Deck made of 7-ply Canadian maple that has excellent pop and is very durable
  • Big wheels with a diameter of 63 mm for fast cruising through urban crowds
  • Soft wheels in 78A for a comfortable ride through the absorption of road vibrations and solid grip for powerful pumping
  • 88A bushings are on the harder side, offering stability at higher speeds but less agility on turns
  • With this board you are supporting the 'One Board One Tree' program - for each board sold, Landyachtz is planting one tree

Notice: This Landyachtz cruiser board comes only partially assembled. Please check all nuts and bolts and tighten them if necessary to ensure the best experience possible.

Notice: When buying a complete cruiser board, you should always make sure that everything is properly tightened before your first session.

Model specifications

ModelWheelbaseDeck lengthDeck widthWheel diameterWheel Contact PatchWheel hardnessBushings
28" - Coffin Cocktail14.5" (36.8cm)28.2" (71.6cm)8.3" (21.1cm)63mm50mm--
28.2" - Coffin Xl Card14.5" (36.8cm)28.2" (71.6cm)8.65" (22cm)63mm50mm78A88A
28.5" - Crown Peak14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm78A88A
28.5" - Emboss14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm78A88A
28.5" - Classic Hibiscus14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm42mm78A88A
28.5" - Coffin Kitty14.5" (36.8cm)28.2" (71.6cm)8.3" (21.1cm)63mm42mm78A88A
28.5" - Tigor14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Turbo King14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)72mm65mm--
28.5" - Fg Watercolor14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Blunt Pinecone14.5" (36.8cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8.6" (21.8cm)60mm42mm78A88A
28.5" - Red Dragon14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Blunt Meowijuana14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8.5" (21.6cm)60mm42mm--
28.5" - Blunt Garden14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8.5" (21.6cm)60mm42mm--
28.5" - Burger King15" (38.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8.5" (21.6cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Green Tiger14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Skeleton14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm78A88A
28.5" - Relay14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Revival14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Cat Fight14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Creature14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Adventure Skeleton14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm78A88A
28.5" - Artic Fox14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--
28.5" - Summit14.6" (37.1cm)28.5" (72.4cm)8" (20.3cm)63mm50mm--


Deck material:
Canadian maple, 7-ply
Skateboard Wheel Colour:
Deck features:
Wheel width:
Wheel material:
PU casted
Bearing precision:
Truck type:
Standard kingpin, Standard hanger
Grip tape:
Riding Style:

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reviews   (135)

Slight wheel flares allow slightly bigger wheels than other standard Dinghys but not as large as Dinghy Fenders.
Jason S. (Melbourne)
Rating: 4 of 5!
Present for my 15 year old son. Smooth ride, great quality & design. He really likes it!
Karen R. (Stanley)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I love this skateboard. It’s well made and the size it’s perfect for just cruising around.
Patricia Rod (London)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Great cruiser, perfect for what I was after! It feels the same size as a regular board but without the nose and so much smoother. Great for cruising about and it’s possible to Ollie/ kickflip fairly well. Would not be one to learn popped tricks on but if you’ve already got em down you’ll be able to do them on this
Stuart M. (Belfast)
Rating: 5 of 5!
I got this board after seeing "Skating for Adults" review on YouTube and realised this is what I need to get into it. After receiving the board and giving it a go I can says it was a very good choice. Landyachtz is well setup and after only couple of tweaks to loosen up 2 of the wheels I was getting much better results. I just want to cruise so this was perfect and wheels are big enough to help me have a smooth ride and avoid little stones and cracks. Originally I got a simple skateboard with small wheels and the whole setup was stiff and even after loosing up still didn't ride that well. This changed everything. Quality product and fast delivery!
Ramdan Korkelia (London)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Ride good yes
Jessica McBride (Hayle)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Lovely board.
Patrick Murphy (Edinburgh)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Amazing all round board
Aaron Currid (Dublin 13)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Such a nice board. As a beginner I found it quite sketchy compared to my longboard but once you get used to it and tighten the trucks abit it really works well 😊
Rating: 5 of 5!
My Dinghy Cruiser is beautifully made, super fast and a joy to ride.
K. Halsall (London)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Fantastic shape and size and loving the speed of the bearings
D. Stickland (WELLING)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Absolutely wicked board! I’ve wanted a Landyachtz Dingy for a while now and it’s everything I thought it would be. Smooth ride nice wheels and perfect size for urban skating.
R. Burton (Wexford)
Rating: 5 of 5!
First board, so I’m no expert, but I’m loving how smooth the ride is. Goes over all dodgy pavements with ease and can go quite fast!
Robert J. (Stratford and New Town Ward)
Rating: 5 of 5!
Super smooth skateboard. I love it. Fast delivery arrived a few days earlier in perfect condition. All good. Recommended.
Alonso Gonzalez (London)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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