H.A.R.D. 5x5 Roller Derby Stall

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H.A.R.D. 5x5 Roller Derby Stall

H.A.R.D. 5x5 Roller Derby Stall

We'd like to thank the Hawkesbury and Hills Area Roller Derby (H.A.R.D) for inviting us to have a stall at their recent 5x5 competion which was held at Hawkesbury Basketball Stadium last weekend.

It was our first time setting at a stall at a Derby Competition and not knowing what to expect we brought along a fair bit of stock. I acted as pack-horse carrying the gear, and packing/unpacking the car as well as helping set-up.

While Debbie took the lead in looking after the stall, I spent much of my time watching the bouts which were quite exciting, with at least one bout not being decided until the last couple of jams.

We had a great time and look forward to setting up stalls at future competitions although for the sake of our waists perhaps not directly opposite the cake stall in future.




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